London Small Group Workshops



Mobile Marketing for Media Organisations

August 10th

When it comes to media organisations the potential for delivering personalized news and creating a magical experience through mobile is tremendous. But there are also unique challenges and considerations to work through. 

Led by our Head of Media, Thomas Godfrey, the discussion will cover: 

  • Use cases for delivering a cultivated/personalised news experience. 
  • How to address the issue of scaleability for breaking news. 
  • The latest channels and technologies to be aware of. 
  • Recommendations for 2017 and beyond. 

Mobile Marketing For Retailers

August 15th

There are all sorts of unique considerations and challenges when it comes to making mobile an effective channel for retail brands. But if done properly the potential for increased customer engagement and ROI is tremendous. 

We are getting together a select group of retail representatives to discuss common challenges, best practices and questions related to mobile marketing. 

In order to facilitate a lively discussion this event is limited to a small number of registrants, sign-up today to reserve your spot!


User Retention And How to Succeed

August 17th

One of the biggest challenges keeping app marketers awake at night is user retention.  So how do you ensure that your valuable users stick around and keep engaging with your app? 

In this invite-only small group session we will discuss this challenge and the results of our recent benchmark study on app user retention. You’ll also have the opportunity to discuss common problems, solutions and recommendations amongst your industry peers from top brands in the room.