SEPTEMBER 27, 2017

Our 2017 Mobile Growth Workshop is coming to Dallas! We’re bringing together some of the most innovative marketers and product owners in the area for a discussion of best practices to drive mobile growth. This complimentary 3 hour event will include a panel discussion highlighting solutions to common mobile challenges, as well as dedicated time for peer networking.



3:00 | Welcome & Introductions

3:10 | What’s Driving Mobile Growth Today? Tips & Trends from Top Brands

With new ideas, tools and hacks for mobile growth popping up all day every day, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In this panel, we’ll focus on where leaders in mobile marketing are placing their bets, and what you can learn from their strategies. We’ll talk about the new (and tried and true) tactics, analytics and tech mobile growth leaders are focusing on, including:

  • User acquisition

  • Customer experience, engagement & retention

  • New ideas and channels for innovation & growth

You’ll come away with a better understanding of what’s working in mobile marketing today, and dozens of ideas you can put to work in your own mobile strategy.


4:00 | Fireside Chat: The Customer Experience in an Omni-Channel World

Creating a consistent experience for customers across marketing channels is a long-overdue reality, but we’re close. However, most brands are still basing their strategy on what they want to achieve versus what the customer wants to experience. Context, relevance and personalization = a great customer experience.

We'll chat with Cordial's Allison Kelly about how to create that relevance through email, and how that can and should cross channels to what mobile marketers are doing to give customers what they want — and bring growth to the brands that provide it.


We work with more than 1300 leading global brands, and have key learnings from nearly a trillion push notifications sent behind us. We help those clients on solve their mobile challenges every day. Now, we’re opening that expertise up to you. In this 30-minute session, members of our Strategic Services team, joined by key mobile industry leaders, will answer your questions about strategy, best practices and common hurdles — all aimed at helping you grow with mobile

4:45 | Networking HAPPY HOUR



Bottle Rocket Studios

14841 Dallas Parkway - 8th Floor, Dallas, TX 75254


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